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Under An Arctic Sky - SERJJ

Under An Arctic Sky


May 18, 2017


Théatre Rialto

Under An Arctic Sky

In May 2017, we had the chance to welcome photographer and director Chris Burkard as part of his international tour for the release of his most recent film, Under An Arctic Sky. Chris joined us as a guest speaker for the first two premieres of his film organized by SERJJ at the Rialto Theatre in Montreal and at the Imperial Bell in Quebec City.

It was in front of a crowd captivated by the intensity of his images that Chris shared his love story with the icy waters and his fascination for the most remote places.

Who’s Chris Burkard?

While Burkard is recognized among the surfing and outdoor community as one of the most influential photographers of his generation, he defines himself most as a  producer. Today, he already has several films to his credit, produced in his own studio in California or in collaboration with other producers, such as Patagonia.

Anything that is worth pursuing
requires us to suffer just a little bit.
– Chris Burkard 

The Movie

Six surfers settle on the frozen shores of Iceland. Upon arrival, they learn that one of the worst storms in 25 years will hit the country. Despite the pitfalls, they discover waves worthy of perfection. They mark history by surfing under spectacular aurora borealis.

Montreal – Rialto Theatre

Presented by SERJJ, in collaboration with OuiSurf, The North Face, Boréale beer, Boxotel and Rip Curl, more than 700 people gathered in Montreal at the Rialto to attend the Chris Bukard’s Quebec film premiere. The projection was followed by an intimate discussion-conference format orchestrated by Beside Magazine.

Initially charmed by the unique Rialto Theatre, Chris was soon seduced by a crowded audience gathering so many surfers, travel and outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, journalists and curious people who had come to be surprised by the event

Quebec city – Imperial Bell

On a visit to Quebec’s Imperial Bell, as part of his international tour, Chris Burkard delivered an evening just as vibrant as the previous one.

There is no doubt that the images of icy waters filmed in Iceland did not know how to calm the frenzy of the 400 fans and followers of Surf gathered for the occasion.

Recap of both events