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Proximity - SERJJ



July 27, 2017


Baie de Beauport

Epic outdoor screening at Baie de Beauport, Quebec

Because there is no better way than to have both feet in the sand to enjoy a good surf film, Quebec’s Beauport Bay was the ideal place to host the double screening and premiere of the films “Perilous Sea” and “Proximity.”

Presented by SERJJ, in collaboration with Ouisurf and Taiga Boards, even the rain did not discourage the 400 surfers and adventurers, who came to live the projection outdoors, at all costs.


Directed by Taylor Steele, one of the most influential personalities in the surf world, “Proximity” is the most anticipated surf film of the summer and offers a casting of the most prodigious athletes of today.

Steele’s ambitious project features four duets of surfers and brings together the living legends of surfing and contemporary young pros, through a journey to some of the furthest destinations on Earth. That’s how we find associated world champion Kelly Slater and current defending champion John John Florence. In the image of surfing big waves, Shane Dorian and artist-surfer Albee Layer redefine the notion of talent from all angles. Women’s Champion Stephanie Gilmore and radical activist Dave Rastovich and style masters Rob Machado and Craig Anderson round out the cast brilliantly.

Through its contrasts, “Proximity” transports us between South America, Mexico, the South Pacific, Northern Europe and Japan and reflects the utopia of the quest for surfing.

Perilous Sea

Motivated by the desire to break with the stereotyped image of the usual surf, “Perilous Sea” offers images shot strictly in the glacial waves and virgin territories of the North Atlantic. Inspired by the narrative style of classic novels, directors Mike Bromley and Ryan Meichtry bring together professional surfers such as Sam Hammer, Will Skudin, Logan Landry, Noah Wegrich and Heidar Eliasson.

The film illustrates the contrast between surfers’ determinations and the glacial waters of Iceland, the Canadian Maritimes and Ireland, where the inconsistency of the waves and the vagaries of the weather triumph.

Event Recap Video